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                          17-1                                            17-2

                    WITH COLLAR                                       WITH-OUT COLLAR

                   MATERIAL: 5/16" SQUARE                       MATERIAL: 5/16" SQUARE

                   SIZE: 9-7/8" DIA. APPROX.                       SIZE 9-7/8" DIA. APPROX.


        24/2 shown                  24/3                                  26/C/1

  MTL: 3/8" X 3/16"               3/8" X 3/16"                            MATERIAL: 1/2" SQUARE SOLID

  SIZE:15" dia. approx.        23-5/8" dia approx.                    W 15-3/4", H 18-7/8"



                         1013/1                                                    1013/2

              MTL: 1/2" ROUND BAR                                             MTL: 1/2" SQUARE BAR

              SIZE: 11-5/8" dia. approx.                                         SIZE: 11-5/8" dia. approx.